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I love visiting asteroid belts, desert ruins and haunted forests as much as the next videogame tourist, but my destination of choice is always going to be a city. That’s where the action is, amid the throngs of people and cacophony of urban life. Cities are just more interesting places. But there are so dang many of them. To make it easier to plan your next trip, I’ve put together a list of the best cities in PC gaming, 20 of them, so you’re bound to find another scintillating destination. 

To help you find your next holiday spot, I’ve split these cities into four categories. Below you’ll find the best real cities, modern cities, sci-fi cities and fantasy cities. Have fun, make new friends, do some crimes and maybe blow one of them up? I won’t judge you.  

The best real cities

Edinburgh (Forza Horizon 4)

(Image credit: Xbox)

Release date: 2018 | Developer: Playground Games | Steam (opens in new tab), Xbox (opens in new tab)

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