Potion Craft map and recipes list

The fact that Potion Craft has a map sounds silly until you start playing. And even after you get the gist, chasing all those potion effects across the map can be tricky through all the fog of war. I’m an obsessive map-clearer, so I invested early in increased visibility skills so I could uncover as much as possible. I don’t have the entire map cleared, not by far, but I’ve got a healthy chunk of the early game revealed for you here to reference on your journey.

You may also be specifically looking for the sleep potion, strong potion, stone skin potion, and slow potion once you reach The Alchemist’s Path: Chapter IV. You can spy all those effects on my map below. And if you want my recommended recipes for the tier three potions you need to craft Nigredo, you’re welcome to them—just scroll a bit further.

Potion Craft map

(Image credit: Niceplay Games)

This is not the complete Potion Craft map, but it’s what I’ve unlocked myself so far and it’s a pretty hefty chunk of the early game. Your most commonly-requested potions from customers early on will likely be the health potion (heart symbol), poison (green dagger symbol), fire potion (red flame symbol), and the frost potion (snowflake symbol) that are all closest to your potion’s starting position.

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