Baldur’s Gate 3 reveals new Jaheira actor

Larian Studios announced earlier this month that Baldur’s Gate OGs Minsc and Jaheira will be returning for Baldur’s Gate 3 (opens in new tab). Last week, the studio revealed that Minsc will be voiced by Matt Mercer (opens in new tab), best known as the lead DM of Critical Role, and today it confirmed that Tracy Wiles will take up the role of Jaheira.

Wiles made the initial reveal herself, through her Twitter channel, saying that she began working in the role all the way back in January 2022.

(Image credit: Tracy Wiles (Twitter))

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“We are very happy to have @TracyWiles playing Jaheira in Baldur’s Gate 3!” Larian said in a retweet (opens in new tab). “We can’t wait for you to encounter Jaheira in the game and see the amazing work she has done.”

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